Sunny Blue (Culver City & Santa Monica)

By: Kiano Moju
Certain eateries just have it just right, and this Japanese Omusubi shop is one of them.  The first shop of it’s kind in Southern California, Sunny Blue recently celebrated the opening of a second location in Culver City, just a few miles south of the original Santa Monica location.

 I first learned about Sunny Blue from the C.I. videographer Steve. I’ve been hooked ever since. I have been slowly making my way through the menu, so when I heard from him that there was a new location, I had to check it out!

Looks Like

The original Santa Monica location is teeny. There are just a couple of short bar stools for seating. Generally you will see people up and down Main St eating food from Sunny Blue. Their newest location has a few more seats to park your……. while you enjoy your omusubi  and sip on complimentary barley tea.


Tastes Like

Each rice omusubi has it’s own filling & furikake pairing. The furikake, a dry Japenese rice seaoning, is what is sprinkled on top of the rice ball.

Thus far I have enjoyed every item I have tried, but the standout favorite for me is the Miso Beef. It’s the first item on the menu and coincidentally the best.

The second item I usually order is a spicy salmon. But, to switch things up, I decided to try the daily special ‘Salmon & Cream Cheese’. As I wrote in  last week’s post  ” a Lox Salad w. a Flag”, I love Lox platters! This was a cool hybrid between the classic NYC deli dish and a popular Japanese dish.

Finally, trying a vegetarian option (eggplant), per suggestion of Sunny Blue staff. They were right, eggplant was the way to go- its delicious! Not sure how or why, but eggplant is making a serious culinary comeback. With just enough spice to it, this is a dish that appeals to more than just vegetarians, and actually has become my second favorite menu item.

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